How It Works

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Quick and easy

  • User Email Address & Password: Create  your account  by using your  email and  password.
  • Dental office Details : Example Office Name, office  Address, office manager mobile number, or office number etc....

       If you are Corporate Dental office / DSO please sign up using Corporate Function  

how it works
how it works
Request a dental temp now

The Best dental temp agency in the DMV area

  • Service Date: provide the date and time you would like the Service provider to start his or her shift.
  • shift begin/Starts: on the dropdown option click the prefer time you would like the Service provider to start.
  • Shift Ends: enter the time the service provider will complete his or her shift.
  • Hourly wage: choose your hourly rate you would prefer to pay your servicer provider.
  • once the office post a request and the service provider/ dental temp accepts the request at the original rate, that provider is automatically booked. The office does not have to login back into the system to accept the request the service provider has already accepted. Quicdent your dental temp agency does not allow back and for acceptance 
  • Mealtime/Lunch Break: Select the lunch break option from the dropdown option. Please note, once you select mealtime, Quicdent dental temp agency expects the office to allow the service provider to take his or her lunch break. No Exception to this rule
  • Request: post your Job.
Type of account

  • Private Practice and corporate account  :
  • Corporate account: does not require payment method on file but have a slightly higher fees of 20% (net-thirty)
  • Private Practice account: Private dental office must have payment information on file. we charge 18% Dental Temp Agency Fees: which is less than our competitors  
  • There will be a hold on the amount for any request posted in less than seven days of service provider start time.
  • We offer credit Card to offices that do not wish to put their cards on file. Please note, all credit card payment must be made in 30 days.
  • To apply for our Credit card please contact us directly 
  • Traditional temp agency payment method. 25% temp agency fee:  We accept traditional payment method. Call us to book a temp and pay your invoice at a later date 

how it works
how it works
Request are Send to Dental Professionals

  • Post your request: choose the type of dental service provider you would like. after you click "post request",  Quicdent app immediately send your posted requested to all dental temp available to work in your area. Dental Professional  that are approximately 30miles away will immediately get a notification on their quicdent  app.
  • Unlike other Dental temp agencies here at Quicdent, we allow the Dental Temps/ Dental professionals to see all the dental office information before they accept or decline a shift. This helps avoid cancellation and promotes higher acceptance rate.
Dental Temps

Join our team. 
Here at Quicdent after The dental temp complete five days of work she or he, gets a Quicdent scrub with their name and the Quicdent logo
how it works
how it works
quicdent helps offices find Dental temps

  • Request posted : After accepting any request, Our App immediately send out a email notification to the dental office letting them know they have a dental temp / dental service provider to cover their shift. In the app dental temp, dental professionals/ dental service provider can view all the job details the office have provided.
Shift starts

  • Shift begins: Your Dental temp/ dental Service Provider must “CLICK START" at the beginning of his or her shift and complete at the end of their shift
how it works
how it works

  • FeedbackUnlike other dental temp agency app qiucdent adim contact the office and dental professional via phone call or text for feedback. 
Need- Extra- Money?

  •  Quicdent  process all payments. Dental professional get pay as fast as 24 hours after shift have been completed. We also offer other method of payments please contact us 
how it works